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Change the fate of

Pampy & Khala!

Help us take care of sun bears every day so that they can be released into the wild soon. 

Pampy & Khala

Urgent: These two bear cubs need our help!

For the first time, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) is aiming to release two bear cubs into the wild. Thanks to hard volunteer work the two recently rescued bear cubs, Pampy and Khala, will be released in just a few months.


Pampy was only 4 months old and weighed just under 4 kg when she was rescued by the authorities and handed over to the BOS Sanctuary Nyaru Menteng. In September 2019 she came to the BOS Sun Bear Sanctuary Samboja Lestari. Khala was 3 months old when she was handed over to Samboja Lestari in November 2019. 


Burn in June 2019


Burn in September 2019

From the BOS Sun Bear Sanctuary


Aimee: Help us raise these bears

Babysitter Aimee shows how she lovingly raises the bear cub Khala. Around the clock she needs care, milk and food. Khala is now attending the forest school and will learn daily what she needs to survive in the wild later on. Apart from their babysitters, the bear cups have no human contact.

Threatened with extinction

The smallest bear species on the planet desperately needs our help because sun bears are threatened of extinction in the wild. This threat stems from the illegal trade in wild animals, commercial hunting and the destruction of their habitat. Sun bear mothers are killed, and their young cubs are kept as domestic animals, as pets. Once the cute cubs are all grown up, the bears are either sent away or they end up in too small a cage for their needs. If we do not act now there is a big possibility that sun bears will no longer roam around the rainforests of Borneo. Together with your help we can help protect the sun bears from these dangers!


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