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Aimee Ferguson

Bear cub care worker and assistant release-project coordinator. 25-year-old animal care worker from England. I studied Animal management and Husbandry, specialising in behaviour and nutrition and then a BSc Degree in Animal behaviour and Welfare specialising in cognition and social structures. I have been working with animals for 7 years in everything from exotic pet rescue to vet nurse assistance with 4 years working in licensed zoos, including an internship on Chester zoo’s carnivore team where I worked closely with Andean and Sun bears. I came to Indonesia to offer my experience and to learn more about the issues these animals face in the wild.

Kimberly Brinker

Since 2017 I have been working as a volunteer for BOS Switzerland and I am very much looking forward to experiencing the great work of the organisation on site in Borneo. I have already gained experience in a rehabilitation clinic for howler monkeys in Belize and have also worked with wild animals in Florida. 

The protection of the rainforest and the survival of the last sun bears and orangutans on the planet is a matter close to my heart. Many major organisations have chosen the orangutan as a symbol of rainforest destruction in Borneo, but they are not the only animal suffering from the disappearance of its once so untouched habitat. Borneo has one of - if not - the largest biodiversity in the world and is also home to the rare sun bear. 

These bears are finally given a voice through this campaign. 

Marco de Koning

I have been studying Geography at the University of Zurich since 2015 and have a strong interest in environmental and sustainability issues in the world we live in. I am fascinated by the rainforest and its functions, including stabilizing the carbon cycle and preserving biodiversity, which are both of undisputed importancy. The rainforest's ecosystem is of high importance when discussing issues regarding the earth remaining in its sensitive equilibrium.

On the one hand, we humans are responsible for the severe and negative repercussions caused by our actions towards nature. However, on the other hand we are also responsible for counteracting mankind's negative influences in order to preserve the ecosystem and biodiversity.

As a result, I am very happy and look forward to making my own small contribution to the conservation of the rainforest and its biodiversity and to gaining first volunteering experience in South-East Asia. 

The supporting organisation is a campaign by Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Switzerland in cooperation with BOS Foundation and "Sun bear outreach". 

All donations go directly to BOS Switzerland. Donation receipts are issued by BOS Switzerland. BOS Switzerland transfers donations to the BOS-Malaienbären project in Samboja Lestari and benefits the bears directly. 

BOS Switzerland has been a recognised non-profit association since 2004 and is legally independent of the Indonesian BOS Foundation (BOSF). Initially run on an honorary basis, BOS Switzerland is now managed professionally by 6 employees. Since 2014, BOS Switzerland has provided seven-figure annual financial support for BOS projects in Indonesia, making it one of the BOSF's most important sponsors.


Together with international partners, BOS Switzerland generates 80% of BOSF's income. From Zurich, BOS Switzerland monitors and evaluates the supported projects in Borneo and conducts public relations work in Switzerland.


BOS primarily protects orangutans and their habitats. Orangutans are protected by securing rights to large forest areas and by fighting deforestation and poaching. But countless other animal species, such as sun bears living in the areas protected by BOS, also benefit directly from this commitment and are thus also protected.